Friday, February 5, 2010

Fountain Street Church Choice Fund

Although I was born and raised in W. MI, I spent my early adulthood living and working in NYC. Accessing abortion services is so different in NYC. NY is one of only a few states that use their own money to fund abortions. Abortions are performed at public hospitals and other clinics, as well.

Muskegon has one abortion provider. The next closest clinic is in Grand Rapids. Medicaid does not fund abortions in MI. Women in W. MI who are considering terminating a pregnancy may hesitate seeking services because they don't know how they will be able to afford the cost. This makes the problem worse, because the longer a woman waits, the more expensive the procedure becomes. Fortunately, there is the Fountain Street Church Choice Fund. They will help pay for the cost of an abortion for any woman in who lives in MI. They only work through Heritage Women's Clinic in Grand Rapids. Women in W. MI seeking financial assistance for an abortion should go to their nearest Planned Parenthood and discuss their situation with a clinician, who will contact the fund directly on their behalf.

Muskegon-Ottawa NOW proudly donates to the Fountain Street Church Choice Fund every year, but the need is so much greater than what we can contribute. Won't you please consider making a donation to this worthwhile charity:

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